Writing music is hard. Instead, I like to experiment with taking apart songs and mixing them with other songs.
It's a lot more fun.


Music video created by cutting FOUND footage found on Vimeo :)
Did not shoot this, just an editing experiment.

Artist: Tropkillaz
Song: "Baby Baby"

One of the biggest thinkers I know. Also a great friend and partner.
Photo: Brenden Savi
Photo Manipulator: Anna Vaughan

A skyline that combines all the cities I travelled to in the year 2014.
Left to Right: Los Angeles, Knoxville, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Richmond, Memphis, Charlotte and NYC.

"Direct Orders" - A slam poem by my man, Anis Mojgani.

To keep it fresh, I collect quotes I hear around school, and give myself 10 minutes to make them into a poster. See if you can guess which is Dan Balser's.